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About Waders
Written by Arpit N. Deomurari   

We, Waders are proud to accompany you for the best experience in Birding And Wildlife Tour of Gujarat and Kutch.

We belong out-of-doors as much as stars, flowers, birds and animals. Nevertheless, there is no one denying that the rush of living and working had the effect of making us unfamiliar with the natural world. And, in one way, we have made ourselves aliens to our own planet. We need to remember and relish the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, which natives still seem to understand by instinct —and that is the practice of prudence.

That is what we mean by ECO tourism. Conserving by never taking more from nature than we really need and never leaving behind traces of our presence. In the view of the fact that due to the population stress and unimpeded industrialization on the resources of our planet, most of the land is already in use thus the ‘undiscovered’ wilderness is more of a wish than a reality.


Here we introduce ourselves as WADERS* Inc. We at waders are purely interested in annually doing the limited number of wildlife/nature tours and the photo tours to the remote, untouched, pristine wildernesses in Gujarat and India. The coasts of Jamnagar and Kutch are renowned the world over for shore birds which live in a wide range of wetland habitats and are found in huge concentrations all along the Gulf of Kutch. We specialize in organizing excursions to the farthest, remotest and western most areas of Indian mainland and the off-shore islands, which are exclusively personalized/tailor-made to harmonize with the travelers’ requirements. We are specialized in endemic birds of Gujarat and India which includes rarity like Grey Hypocolious, Great Indian Bustard, White naped Tit, Crab Plover etc.

Whether your journey is one of discovery or rediscovery, whether you have visited India or planning to, consider WADERS Inc. for birding or photographic voyages through the best wildlife circuits in Gujarat primed explicitly by us.

The avifauna of India includes a total of 1302 species, of which 42 are endemic, 1 has been introduced by humans, and 26 are rare or accidental. 1 species listed is extirpated in India and is not included in the species count. 82 species are globally threatened.

Come and Experience sheer indulgence with Nature at the tours with WADERS.


*The reason for the name WADERS: Wade literally means to walk thru water. And the wading birds are called waders for which the Gulf of Kutch is famous. This is also the area we specialize in. Its’ also an acronym for Wild Adventurers & Explorers. We have thus preferred crab-plover as our logo.


Birding Tours



The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - White browed Wagtail    The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - Cranes    The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - Red throated Flycatcher    The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - Great Black Headed Gull    The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - Great Indian Bustard    The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - Wader's Scape    The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - Black necked Stork and Painted Stork    The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - Pheasant tailed Jacana    The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - Purple Heron    The Birds of India - Skuas and Gulls - Waders, Terns, Gulls   

Birding, after all, is just a game. Going beyond that is what is important.

Roger Tory Peterson